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Byron Hart African Safaris 

Byron Hart African Safaris (BHAS) is a young company with definitive experience in the hunting industry spanning the last 21 years. 

BHAS has grown in strength by providing its clients with professional, personal and quality hunting safaris and tours to some of the best destinations suited to the individual hunters requirements and expectations. 

Join us, and together we’ll take a journey of passion for the outdoors and the pursuit of fair & ethical chase, with a level of eminence surpassing the competitors, and with accountability to the environment, the areas and its inhabitants.

BHAS offers the discerning adventurist a variety of hunting options, from Plains Game to Dangerous Game hunting, Wing-shooting, Bow-hunting, Photographic tours and everything in between.

Our home-base is in Namibia (NA), a country with a reputation of being one of the safest on the “Dark Continent”, with modern communication, road infrastructure and relaxed border controls, it’s an easy first choice for those seeking an adventure breakaway with security in a variety of landscapes and habitats. 

Trophy Hunting is actively promoted by the Namibian Government as a tool in the ever controversial management of Natural Resources, and as a country, has gained worldwide recognition and awards for its conservation models and sustainable wildlife utilisation policies. 

We operate primarily in the Zambezi Region (former Caprivi) of Namibia for the last 8 years, with the main focus on Dangerous Game hunting with access to numerous concessions for some of the best Free-range hunting the area have to offer. 

We have access to free range concessions in the semi-arid North-west of Namibia, in Damaraland and Kaokoveld, various desert areas in the Namib, and numerous private ranches throughout the country, both free range and fenced – everything the country has to offer – fully licensed in all aspects. Be it a leopard , a cape buffalo or that 40+” oryx bull that has been avoiding you, book with us and we’ll do our utmost to meet your expectations

BHAS also offers options in the neighbouring countries of Botswana, Zambia & Zimbabwe as well as a little further afield in Tanzania, and we cooperate with reputable outfitters in these countries, to bring peace of mind quality safaris for the species variety not offered in Namibia. 

Being in our 21st year in the industry, we readily tailor make your hunting experience to you individual needs. 

Meet the Owner / Your Professional Hunter

Byron Hart developed a passion for the outdoors as the son of an exploration geologist who also had a passion for the outdoors, spending many months as a youngster in bush camps and Parks, thereafter completing his schooling in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia in 1994. 

He went straight into a 3-year National Diploma in Natural Resource Management and Nature Conservation at the Namibia University of Science & Technology (NUST), and thereafter, worked for 2 years co-ordinating an international Forestry Certification Programme with charcoal producers allowing them to export to the EU being certified as having an Environmentally, Economically and Socially approved product.

Although this allowed for time in the field, it was more of a desk job, but through this came the opportunity to do game ranch management and his Professional Hunters license at age 23, a passion that had sparked during one of his conservation-practical sessions and he resigned from the forestry position to pursue this. 

Simultaneously, Byron had enrolled in a 2-year part-time course to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resource Management, and the combination thereof opened an opportunity to manage the 2nd-largest private game reserve in the country at age 25, a position held for close on 12 years. During this time, he conducted most of the hunting safaris with foreign clients giving him the knowledge to work up to his Big-Game license, whilst co-ordinating the annual capture and translocation of between 800-1200 animals to manage the game numbers on the reserve. 

The decision to get married and the passion to hunt more dangerous game saw Byron take up a position for 6 years in the Caprivi as the resident PH for a company that soon became the largest concession holder in the area. One can arguably say that he hunted more dangerous game than most other PH’s in the region. 

The desire to work for oneself and more family time after his daughter was born gave rise to Byron Hart African Safaris being founded in 2016, and he never looked back. Byron is fully licensed to conduct hunting safaris throughout Namibia, holds a Private Helicopter license PPL(h), enjoys reloading for various calibres, and recurve archery. 

He’s married to Dr. Karie L Morgan, an Anthropologist originating from Michigan USA, and they have a 6 year old daughter, Adelyn.