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Plain Game Safari - “Savannah Magic” 

• Unfenced naturally occuring game 

• 7 hunting days, 8 nights 

• 4 common species to hunt 

• Hunt 1:1 or 2:1

• Add other species  

• Comfortable accommodation 

• Best time: March to October but May to October peak

• Airport-camp transfers included 

Ranch Hunt: Kudu, Oryx Warthog, Steenbok  

• Hunting conducted on foot, vehicles used to reach areas, spot and stalk 

• March - November 

• Fly to Windhoek, pick up, transfer to lodge/camp, sight rifles 

Day 1 - Day 7 - hunt package - other spp. hunting possible - permits for all available spp. 

What is not hunted, is not payable 

Includes: all transfers, guide, all meals & drinks, field preparation of trophy

Excludes: flights, gratuities, curios, accommodation before or after hunt 

Calibre: .270, .30-06, .300 Win 

Expect 60-150 yard shots



A spectacular experience, a dream come true! 

What started as an adventure, unique and indescribable moments, first-rate game and five-star service, ended with great success, a true friendship!