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About Us

Byron Hart African Safaris (BHAS) is a young company, formed as a subsidiary of Boscia Wildlife Ventures, Byron Hart's original brainchild that specialises in wildlife utilisation and management as well as wildlife translocation services.

Namibia is Africa's jewel, a country already turning heads in the conservation world because of its sound wildlife utilisation policies. A key component of Namibia's approach is, Trophy Hunting because of its benefits to sustainable wildlife management and poverty alleviation.  

BHAS operates primarily in the Zambezi Region of Namibia (formerly Caprivi Region) and concentrates on large dangerous game hunting.


Byron currently manages and co-ordinates all the hunting operations for the largest concession holder   in the area. This means that BHAS clients have access to the largest quota of dangerous game in the country as well as, use of any of the concessions camps and facilities. In addition, BHAS works in conjunction with two other Zambezi operators to further expand hunting opportunities for clients.

BHAS has access to seven of the 15 concessions in Zambezi, comprising over 300, 000 acres of free range hunting areas. Most of the hunting areas are located directly on the border with Botswana, a country known for big elephant, but that no longer allows trophy hunting.

In addition to this, BHAS has access to freerange concessions in the semi-arid areas of northwest Namibia, formerly known as Damaraland and Kaokoveld, and various private ranches throughout the country, both free range and fenced. Dangerous game hunting can also be organised on concessions in Mozambique and Uganda, as well as plains game hunting in South Africa, all with reputable outfitters and accompanied by BHAS.

After working in the industry for over 18 years, we can readily tailor make your hunting experience according to your needs.


Who is Byron Hart African Safaris

Byron Hart African Safaris is a young, owner-run company, but with a definitive history of     hunting and hospitality experience spanning back for 18 years.

Byron's father was an exploration geologist and nature lover, thus most holidays whilst growing up     were spent in national parks and bush camps, learning all about geology, biodiversity and species interactions. His father's love of nature photography was also passed on to Byron, but his father         was not a hunter, nor did he like guns.

Byron always had an interest in guns, taking every opportunity to go shooting with friends. He started hunting professionally after realising the benefits of selective hunting as a sound tool of population management for wildlife conservation. His approach to hunting comes out of his experiences earning       a Bachelor's Degree in Natural Resource Management and Nature Conservation. 

From then, he managed one of the largest private hunting reserves in the country, learning all the necessary details needed to run a successful hunting operation. His passion though was to hunt for   large dangerous game, but opportunities in that part of Namibia were scarce. 

A small career change brought about an opportunity to manage numerous Communal and Government Hunting Concessions, geared mainly towards dangerous game hunting. It was then that the passion    grew to eventually start his own outfitting company: ...Byron Hart African Safaris was conceived.

Byron is qualified to guide Dangerous Game; has a Private Helicopter license, and enjoys reloading, recurve archery as well as, reading about fire-arms and the classic safaris of yesteryear.                    His wife, Dr Karie L. Morgan, an anthropologist, originates from Michigan USA, and together they        have a three year-old daughter, Adelyn.