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With K&K Premium Jagd and Shona Hunting Adventures in Denver.

Last day of the show, come see us for an adventurous trip to the dark continent.

Booth 2442, 2444, and 2446

- Byron Hart, 13 January 2019, Denver




Only an African would braai in the snow. 

- Byron Hart, 13 January 2019, Denver



Just spent the last 4 days in Connecticut with Markus Muhlhauser and Hunter Reid Muhlhauser hunting pheasant and Canada geese, and with Eli Clarke in Colorado hunting coyotes. Needless to say, I need practice shooting moving targets. I think I hit the pheasant (photo), there were 2 of us shooting, I know I hit 1 goose, and I definitely missed the coyotes twice.

But it’s not about the “kill”. It’s about spending time outdoors (sometime extreme cold and rainy) with good friends and folk with a similar mindset. Watching the dogs work those fields is 90% of the fun. Hunting pays for conservation.

- Byron Hart, 08 January 2019


And so it begins... Traveling from Windhoek, Namibia to Detroit, Michigan, USA.

- Byron Hart, 29 December 2018, Namibia





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 10 - 13th January 2019, International Sportsmen's Expo, Denver, Booth #2444



17 - 20th January 2019, Dallas Safari Club, Africa Dreams Booth #436


 30 January - 04 February 2019, Jagd & Hund, Dortmund, K&K Premium Jagd Booth


 21 - 24th February 2019, Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei, Salzburg, K&K Premium Jagd Booth





" Hunting is an Adventure filled with Emotion and Memories"